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When you need home assistance, there is an allernative to asking friends or family to help you - Care Plus Home Care.

We provide non-medical in-home care to meet your schedule.  We offer:

-  Full time

-  Pull time

-  Hourly

-  and overnight coverage

Our care is focused on:

-  Socialization

-  Transportation (to & from medical appointment)

-  Light house keeping

-  Assistance with "activities of daily living" (ADLs), which bathing & showering, using the toilet, dressing, transferring in and out of bed or a chair, walking, meal preparation and assistance in eating.

Our experienced caregivers are CPR & first-aid trained, and are available 24/7.  For family members, this is a great solution that supplements and/or alleviates their responsibilities at home, allowing them to work or even travel when they wish.


It also serves as a great complement to home health or hospice when you need additional assistance. Services include in-home and respite care, nursing home or hospital sitting, and additional assistance to those receiving home health or hospice care.



We provide an introductory visit by our Care Manager to assess the general and the personal needs of the client.  In addition, we will conduct a Home Safety Assessment.


As a result of the above needs assessment, a Care Plan is developed. This is the basis on which our homecare will be delivered.


Once the needs of the client are evaluated, a caregiver(s) will be assigned by matching caregiver skills and experience to client needs. Other pertinent considerations, such as language, male or female caregiver, or caregiver experience and skill level, will be considered when caregivers are assigned.


The Caregiver(s) will provide service based on the Care Plan. This activity will be subject to on-going supervision by the Care Manager, as required. The Caregiver(s) will maintain a log book, kept at the client’s residence, which tracks daily activities and caregiver observations. Elements of the log book will be transferred at the end of each caregiver’s shift to the client medication record and personal care flow sheet, which will be maintained as part of the client’s log book until completed, and then transferred to the client’s file at CARE PLUS Nursing Services, Inc.


On a regular basis (monthly or bimonthly, as required), a Care Manager will visit the client by appointment to review the client’s current condition and needs, the records kept by the caregiver(s), and the performance of the caregiver(s). Caregivers may be re-assigned as needs evolve. We are always receptive to the inputs of both our clients and our caregivers.


In some cases, your care may be covered by long term care insurances.  Care Plus has experts that will reach out to your insurance agencies to determine what benefits are offered.


You can relax! We take care of the paperwork and authorization submission for you!

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